Benefits & Culture

At ۶Ƶ, we believe empowerment starts with investing in our employees — both inside and outside the office. We offer top tier benefits to propel your career forward while also helping you manage your work-life priorities, health, and well-being.

Benefits for Work and Life

We offer support to help bridge the gap between your work and personal life.

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive salary and incentives
Equity awards (NASDAQ: MGNI)
Comprehensive healthcare and benefits
Pension or retirement savings plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employee loyalty and tenure rewards
Cell phone subsidy

Work & Life

Hybrid schedule across global offices
Generous time off, holiday breaks, including end-of-year company closure and quarterly wellness days
Family-focused leave and benefits
Lunch catering and events
Gym and fitness reimbursement

Career Development

Career paths to support your progression at ۶Ƶ
Professional and Functional training
Leadership development

Hybrid Schedule

We believe community, culture 
and collaboration are essential 
to success.

۶Ƶ’s hybrid schedule includes two days worked remotely (Monday and Friday) and three days on-site (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Our offices provide catered lunches, beverages, snacks, training and development, and office events to support your work week.

Our Values

As a global company, we aim to live our values through collaboration, partnership and results.

See the Big Picture

At ۶Ƶ, we step back to view not just the challenge in front of us but the situation or system that surrounds it, striking a balance between context and speed to make our work more strategic and impactful.

Raise the Bar

Greatness isn’t about achieving perfection; it’s about doing better today than we did yesterday. Aspiring to beat our own expectations (as well as others’) is what keeps us growing as people, as professionals, and as a business.

Empower Others

We empower our clients with tools and expertise to buy or sell ads. We also look for opportunities to uplift one another because there’s nothing we can’t do better and faster as a team.

Own the Results

We give credit where credit is due, take responsibility for things that could have gone better, and put our egos aside to absorb constructive feedback.

There’s a fierce (yet still quite pleasant) energy throughout the company that is indicative of the potential we have to impact the advertising technology landscape.”


Director, USA

I’ve worked with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met to solve deeply complex and delicate problems while having the go-ahead to use cutting-edge technology which you can usually only play with on a side project.”


Platform Architect, USA