Not all supply partners are the same. We’ll help you reach more of the audiences 
you care about, more efficiently than ever.

Every Screen, Everywhere

Reach your target wherever they are 
in their day (and in the world) through top 
supply partners.

Audience & Identity

Achieve better campaign outcomes with our suite of innovative audience and identity products.

Self-Service Buying

Put more of your spend to work and increase transparency with our self-service buying solution.

Demand Facilitation

Get more done in less time by partnering 
with ۶Ƶ’s global team of demand facilitation experts.

Every Screen, Everywhere

Quality On A Global Scale

۶Ƶ connects you to the most recognized and respected media owners on the Open Internet, across every format and device:

Streaming CTV/OTT




Digital Out-of-Home

Online Video

Efficient By Design

We built ۶Ƶ to be the most economical supply path. Trusted, flexible, and free from conflicts of interest.

All The Right Signals

Maximize performance and transparency with robust audience and content signals, including the identity, attribution, viewability, sustainability, and measurement solutions of your choice.

AI + QPS = 🔥

Our traffic-shaping algorithms prioritize the impressions you’re most likely to want, helping you find more value from every impression.

Live & On-Demand Streaming

Timing is everything. That’s why ۶Ƶ’s CTV and OTT solutions make it easy to reach consumers during high-engagement moments like live sports.

Score with Viewers

Connect with your audience in the moment, and in ways that are meaningful, authentic, and enjoyable.

Impact and Precision

Deliver premium, big-screen ads with programmatic accuracy.

The Choice Is Yours

Execute with or without upfront commitments, programmatically or for the scatter market.

Deals & Marketplaces

Secure the most direct and transparent path to premium supply with private, and preferred deals, and achieve your goals with thoughtfully curated marketplaces across content, format, and audiences.

Custom Auction Packages

Leverage behavior and context by bringing your own first and third-party data, or by using open-market seller data to build auction packages with deal IDs.

Private Marketplaces (PMPs) 
That Work

Build private, custom deals with premium media owners by communicating in real-time.

Craft the 
Perfect Deal

Hit your goals with price efficiency via open, private, guaranteed (PG), and curated marketplaces.

Audience & Identity

The ۶Ƶ Access 
Audience Suite

Stay ahead of the curve with our audience and identity suite, built to help you discover, curate, and activate first and third-party data assets.

Hassle-Free Integration

Onboard your data through a DMP of your choice, or through ۶Ƶ’s own DMP.

PII, Handled With Care

Put Personally Identifiable Information to work while protecting it from your partners (including us) with innovative encryption technology by ۶Ƶ Match.

Hand-Picked Audiences

Scale your campaigns with unique, high-quality, cross-publisher segments via ۶Ƶ Audiences.

Identifier Agnostic

Leverage multiple ad industry identifiers, including Unified ID and RampID, for broad coverage and audience integrity.

Privacy-First Thinking

Privacy best practices are central to everything we do, including support for GDPR, CCPA, TCF, and more.

Self-Service Buying


A self-service buying solution for premium CTV, OTT, and Online Video campaigns with simple executions.

Push Your Spend Further

ClearLine’s transparent and flexible model puts more of your budget toward working media.

Get a 
Clearer View

A simpler supply path makes it easier for sellers and agencies to securely share data and insights.

Time-Tested Tech

Built on ۶Ƶ’s proven solutions for deal-driven premium video.

Demand Facilitation

Supplement Your Experts With Ours

The supply landscape is nothing if not complex. Partner with our large, experienced demand facilitation team to broker premium supply deals that maximize your return on ad spend.

Trusted, Well-Lit Marketplaces

Whether you’re graduating from our managed services to programmatic or just need to quickly spin up a campaign, we’ll help you activate turnkey, brand-safe deals where everyone wins.

Questions? Let’s talk about how we can help.

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