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Last Updated: July 1, 2023

Table of Contents:

  1. Opt out & Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information
  2. How to Request Access, Correction, or Deletion
  3. How to find your Device Identifier


As explained in our Advertising Technology Privacy Policy, ۶Ƶ’s disclosure and use of User Information may sometimes constitute a “sale,” “share,” “targeted advertising,” or use of sensitive personal information in a way that requires that we provide a right to limit such use under applicable law, and our clients may use our technology to buy or sell personal information as defined by these various laws. If you wish to opt out of the use of your personal information for these purposes, you may do so by following the instructions below. 

Further, In some countries, our clients are required to ask for your consent before they use our advertising technologies.  In those cases, we will not use our advertising technologies if they have told us that you do not consent to their use.  However, if you have consented and now wish to change your mind, you can opt out by using our opt-out tool below. You may also use the tool below to reject to processing on the basis of legitimate interest.

Note that different devices use different identifiers and different technologies, so that you must opt out separately from each browser and each device that you would like the opt out to apply. If you opt out, we will no longer process or disclose User Information from the opted-out device for targeted advertising purposes or otherwise in a manner that would result in a “sale” of your personal information as defined under applicable law, and we won’t use your sensitive personal information for advertising purposes.

Web Browsers

If you would like to opt out of advertising targeted based on your web browsing activity on this browser, click the box below and then click “OK”: 

You can also opt out by visiting this page or the pages of our Client’s websites with a legally-recognized global preference signal, such as the GPC, enabled or opt out of the use of your browser information for behavioral advertising purposes by other companies by using any of the following mechanisms:

  • ۶Ƶ is a member of the NAI and adhere to the NAI’s Code of Conduct. You can therefore opt out of targeted advertising by NAI participating companies, including ۶Ƶ, by visiting the NAI’s opt-out page at 
  • ۶Ƶ adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (ഡ”) Self-Regulatory Principles. You can opt out of targeted advertising by companies that adhere to the DAA Self-Regulatory Principles, including ۶Ƶ, by visiting the DAA’s opt-out page at .
  • Finally, ۶Ƶ adheres to the European Digital Advertising Alliance’s (“EDAA”) Self-Regulatory Principles. Users located in the UK and the European Union, can opt out of targeted advertising by companies that adhere to the EDAA Self-Regulatory Principles, including ۶Ƶ, by visiting the EDAA’s opt-out page at .

When you opt out on your browser, we will place a cookie on your device that records your choice. If you change browsers or devices, or delete the cookies on your device, you will need to opt out again. 


Your mobile device may give you the ability to opt out of the use of information about the apps you use in order to serve you ads that are targeted to your interests. For more information on how to change your preferences, please see 

Connected Televisions

Your Internet connected television (e.g. a smart TV or device that allows you to stream video programing) may give you the ability to opt out of targeted ads.  To determine if your Internet connected television has these options, please visit your device’s settings menu. For more information on how to change your preferences, please see .


As explained in our platform privacy policy, we do not process information that enables us to directly identify you as an individual. Instead, we collect certain digital identifiers that enable us to recognize your device or your browser (each, a “Digital Identifier”).

For that reason, in order for us to act on a request to access, correct, or delete personal information, we need you to provide us with your Digital Identifiers and certain other information.  This is necessary to locate any records we hold about your device or browser, and to help ensure that we only provide personal data to the person about whom such data relates. We use this information only for the purpose of processing your data protection and privacy requests. We explain how to locate your Digital Identifier below. Once you locate your Digital Identifier, you can submit your request by emailing us at privacy@magnite.com or at dpo@magnite.com .

If you need help, you can also call our data subject hotline at +1.888.812.3839 .

When you make a request, we may seek to verify your request by asking you to submit certain information, such as a screenshot of your Digital Identifier or certain information about your device or browsing behavior. 


Web Browsing 

As described in our privacy policy, our advertising technology operates by using text files called “cookies” that are placed on your device. Some of these cookies include a Digital Identifier. To locate these Digital Identifiers, you can search through your cookies for the cookies named “khaos” and “ruid” (which are set from the rubiconproject.com domain) “tvid” (which is set from the tremorhub.com domain) and “fsk_retargeting” (which is set from the freeskreen.com domain). The text in each of these cookies is a separate Digital Identifier.

Please keep in mind that different cookies are placed on each browser that you use to access the Internet. As a result, if you use multiple browsers (for example, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox), you will need to locate the “khaos”, “ruid”, tvid, and “fsk retargeting” cookies for each browser.

Mobile Devices and other Internet Connected Devices

Additionally, certain mobile devices (for example, mobile phones or tablets using the iOS or Android operating systems) generate a persistent “Advertising Identifier” per device, which, among other things, can be used by third parties, like ۶Ƶ, for purposes of providing you with targeted advertising.

On iOS devices, your Advertising Identifier may be referred to as an “IDFA,” or “ID for Advertising.” On Android devices, your Advertising Identifier may be referred to as an “Advertising ID.” Please follow instructions from your mobile device manufacturer on how to locate your specific Advertising Identifier.