Talent Engagement

Unify culture to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable work environment that drives employee engagement.

Our Approach

At ۶Ƶ, we recognize our people are our greatest asset in creating a genuinely healthy business that delivers excellent results for employees, clients, stakeholders and the communities we touch. As the world of advertising and technology becomes increasingly complex, we are continually assessing and evolving our talent engagement practices to ensure we prioritize what matters most to employees.

This includes driving employee growth and development opportunities, enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) initiatives, and investing in our communities.

Culture & Engagement

۶Ƶ has brought together multiple organizations in recent years, each with its own unique culture. We have retained the best aspects of these various organizations while adapting practices to a geographically distributed workforce, which includes a hybrid working model. Building sustained employee engagement in our new hybrid work model requires a reinvention of fostering engagement and a reassessment of community and collaboration. ۶Ƶ’s core values of ‘See the Big Picture’, ‘Raise the Bar’, ‘Empower Others’, and ‘Own the Results’ are guiding principles of the design and implementation of people-centric programs and initiatives across the organization.

۶Ƶ firmly believes in a culture of transparency and trust, and aims to provide ample opportunity for all ۶Ƶs to ask questions, interface with leadership, and express their preferences. For instance, our monthly all-hands, development opportunities with leadership cohorts, and leadership competency workshops give groups the chance to connect with leadership; while our bi-annual employee engagement surveys uncover actionable insights around engagement, development opportunities, strategy and operations, leadership, diversity and ESG initiatives.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at ۶Ƶ is not a static initiative, but rather a living representation of the values of ۶Ƶ’s employees and stakeholders. ۶Ƶ’s DEI&B mission and vision aim to challenge existing practices and expectations to address the needs of employees and our communities on a consistent and measurable basis, in a way that aligns with the unique culture of ۶Ƶ and the advertising and technology industries as a whole.


  • To establish ۶Ƶ as a thought leader by diversifying voices within ۶Ƶ, cultivating a culture in which employees feel safe as their authentic selves, and investing in strategies to support ۶Ƶ’s local communities.


  • To apply a diversity, equity and inclusion lens to everything we do – from our platform and brand, to the entire employee experience.

۶Ƶ’s People team includes dedicated DEI&B and cultural engagement resources that are supported by ۶Ƶ’s internal DEI&B council, Magnify. Magnify is a group of internal employees, who serve as internal voices to advise, vet, and champion DEI&B programs and initiatives. ۶Ƶ’s DEI&B pillars are External Investments, Employee Experience, and Recruitment and Advancement. Currently, we have partnerships in place with Asians in Advertising, Brixton Finishing School, and , a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate women’s leadership in marketing, media, and tech, which includes complimentary memberships for all ۶Ƶs and access to mentoring programs and ongoing programming. ۶Ƶ is proud to support a range of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) including Prism (LGBTQIA+), Parents and Caregivers, Thrive (Black Employee Network), Tikkun Olam (Jewish Employee Network), AIM (Asians in ۶Ƶ), and Environmental Sustainability. These groups offer community, connection, and programming for like-minded employees and identities. Additionally, ۶Ƶ reports DEI&B and CSR measures via a bi-annual Transparency Scorecard.

In addition to ongoing DEI&B initiatives, ۶Ƶ has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment. All employees must complete Ethics and Harassment training, and our policy is distributed to all employees upon hire and acknowledged every year.

Community Investment

۶Ƶ understands the importance of responsible stewardship and aims to be a positive member of our local communities through programs, support, and corporate donations aligned with company values. ۶Ƶ’s employees are passionate about many unique causes and we are proud to support global donation matching to any certified non-profit organization.

We partner with to facilitate donation matching and provide regular opportunities to invest in and give back to our communities as a company. We also offer support and resources to employees and their families that have been impacted by unforeseen global circumstances (including but not limited to natural disasters, tragedies, and political unrest) and have disaster response plans in place to ensure the safety, care, and wellbeing of employees.

Talent Retention & Development

۶Ƶ recognizes that our most critical resource lies with our amazing people, and we understand that attracting, developing, and retaining talent is critical to our continued success. 77% of employees report that they are provided with opportunities to learn skills and build new capabilities regularly. We know development requires a concerted and intentional effort, so we continue to outline, clarify, and implement growth paths related to career progression at ۶Ƶ to ensure employees can grow personally and professionally.

An environment of continuous learning and curiosity is also important to our culture. We continue to invest in learning and development and leadership development by expanding our dedicated resources for these functions. Our primary focus is to provide educational support for new ۶Ƶs, foundational skill development for the professional growth of existing ۶Ƶs, and cohesive support and training for our global people managers.

We conduct quarterly goal reviews for all employees and all employees receive annual performance reviews. While goals and achievements related to day-to-day roles are routine, ۶Ƶ encourages personal development goals in alignment with employees’ broader professional goals.