Streaming TV’s New Era

How Ads Are Powering Streaming’s Future in Australia & New Zealand

In Australia & New Zealand, streaming services have seen tremendous growth in recent years, fueled by the widespread adoption of streaming platforms and audiences’ growing consumption of ad-supported content.

Percentages shown are specific to Australia. Please download the report for New Zealand-specific results.

Ad-Supported Streaming Services Are Growing in Scale

Australians are embracing services with ads, narrowing the gap with traditional TV viewers. Nearly two-thirds of TV viewers are opting to watch ad-supported streaming content.

Streaming Has the Ability to Capture Viewers’ Attention

Streaming’s immersive environment captivates viewers for extended durations. 92% of ad-supported viewers said they tend to watch streaming TV content for a long period (more than 30 minutes) each time they tune in and 86% of this audience agree that streaming services provide premium content.

Streaming Services Positively Impact Brands

Streaming services have emerged as a channel for driving impact. According to our research, 57% of ad-supported streamers remember ads the most within TV (including streaming services), versus 26% of social media users who remember ads within social media.

In addition, ad-supported viewer’s cross-screen consumption habits influence purchase decisions. 69% of ad-supported streamers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they engaged with across multiple devices (TV, mobile, desktop, etc.).

Q: Thinking of all the advertisements you have seen on the following platforms, which do you generally remember the most? Rank #1 Source: ۶Ƶ

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